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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Year's End Post

It's the start of the last year of the first decade of the 21st century. There was a Lunar Eclipse as well. I'm not sure how many people knew that though. Even though it's only partial, it was still something else.

I have quite a few things to do next year. Not things I want to do, but things I HAVE to do. First off:
EXAMS! I'm going to have to do them, no matter what. IGCSEs too! How lucky am I? There's so much preparation to do before them as well; Mocks, studying, homework, revising, more revising, relaxing, more relaxing, eating... (yeah, I'm not too worried)

Next there is the important task of thinking of resolutions. Hmm... I want this year to be amazing. It's TWENTY TEN! THE LAST YEAR OF THE 1ST DECADE OF THE 21ST CENTURY! It'd be awesome-r if it was 2100 but most people aren't even convinced we'd see 2012 -.-'. To make this year amazing, I have no idea what needs to be done. So, I have decided to just go with whatever flow takes me.

3rd, I want to have my brain work logically while working with my gut feelings. That means trying out extreme sports! Or maybe just going on super awesome rides in some fair. The ones that make everyone's stomach do back and front flips. Both of these makes me think: somethings going to go wrong, I shouldn't be doing this! (Gut feeling) Then my brain has to calm me down somehow. It'll work when the time comes. Right now.. not so well.
I plan on making some people go on them with me. There's actually a list of people in my head but I don't wanna list them since they're going to plan against me if I do.

There's also the fact that each of these posts take me more than an hour to write... I need to be quicker. And more precise as well. Most of my posts are all over the place! Abstract thinking.. go figure.

I wonder how much is going to change in this year. Going to have to wait and see for myself.

Happy new year, everyone. Let's enjoy it together.


NaNa XD said...

hey u!

happy new year!! hope to see u soon... and gimme a call when ur in Malaysia!!!


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