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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Home/House Work

To be straight up honest, I like doing homework. I like all the writing, editing, pasting, cutting, cropping etcetera, etcetera... I have this obsessive side of me that comes out every time a challenge surfaces. It's like a self-defense mechanism that my mind created so that I'm not asleep all the time. Too bad it doesn't apply for exams though... The defense switches off during exams...
The bad thing is, once I stop doing the thing I was obsessed with halfway, it just feels weird to continue. It's hard to get into the same mood you were when you started the project. A good example of this is blogging.
Loads of my friends started blogging around the same time I did, some even before I did, but now, they just gave up on it. All because they stopped blogging for a while but couldn't find the same attitude they had towards it when they started. I was like that - stopped blogging and didn't want to continue - but some inspirations came up - mainly movies - and I slowly regained the flow of blogging.
Anyways, that was a huge-off-topic topic. Homework! The best type is the ones where they let you use computers to do it in. Google PhD has yet to fail me. Each and every one of my questions can be answered just by typing the question down on a little white box. How awesome is that? Praise goes to Sergey M. Brin and Lawrence E. Page. To whoever that do not know them, go Google them!
Even though I prefer teachers to not give homework at all in the first place, homework DOES help. I know! It surprised me too! Who knew that what teachers have been saying to us were not a bunch of turd after all! The thing about homework is, when you do it, you're using your own style of learning, making it more comprehensible to yourself. This means that your brain absorbs this and imprints it in your mind as a memory. Thus, you have revised! Simple, right?
Once you get into the exam and you see the questions laid down in front of you, your brain will automatically search for anything inside itself that is related to the question, and since you've got the memory of the homework in your head, it'll be as easy as eating marshmallows. (Maan... haven't eaten those in a looooonnngg time!)
Housework is nearly the same. Chores are challenges. If you do them, you win, if you don't, well, you don't win.
In learning Martial Arts, the student is asked to do some apparently-mundane chores like washing dishes or throwing out the trash repeatedly. In truth, these are muscle-memory exercises. It's the easiest and simplest way to have a healthy life. See? Even Bruce Lee had to do chores!
So, do your chores people! It'll help out a lot.
*sweating* (Just finished stuffing a mattress into a really tiny covering.)


Steve said...

It is really good idea to do the house work... We enjoy doing the house work if and only if we know the procedure of work.

Thanks for sharing...


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