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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Monday- First day of secondary sports
Today included: football, basketball, netball, wheelbarrow race, ball-and-spoon race, hula-hoop race and some sort of sports trivia.
As Topaz house captain, I was in-charge of nearly everything that had to do with Topaz as my vice-captain didn't even bother to show up. Everything was splited up into boys/girls and different years. So, basically, the year 8 girls played with year 8 girls, year 8 boys played with year 8 boys.
The football team wasn't too bad but we didn't win much and the same was for basketball. It was all a big mess for Topaz House and I accept the responsibility and blame. Netball, I'm not too sure about as I tend to distance myself from that sport. The other picnik activities were out of control as everyone was halfway-to-eternal-sleep and no one wanted to do any of the activities. Well, that was the year 10s at the very least. As for me...I had to stop at the wheelbarrow race: I burnt my hand going just a bit too fast. Now, I have a disturbing sight in the side of my palm. Hopefully I'll be able to heal by the end of the week.
Oh yeah, I also had a very interesting encounter: before the burnt hand, the principle came out. He was watching silently for a while then said out loud as soon as everyone was quiet: 1000 housepoints for Sapphire for being the first to quiet down! That just clicked something in me. I walked up to him, and told him: sir, isn't that against the rules?! You yourself said teachers are only allowed to give 20 housepoints maximum for one thing. He was calm towards all this but once I said: You can't do that, he said: go sit in my office.
First time in the principle's office. Kind of weird but not scary as I was confident that I had every right to stand up to him. Plus the other 5 kids that were in there who was in more serious trouble than I was boosted my spirits up a bit.
He made me wait in his office for almost 30 minutes, then called me out, then had a talk with me which went kind of like this: What was that thing you said to me? I can't do that right? Well, this badge of mine says I can. And I don't want you to tell me how to do my job. How should you have come up to me do you think?
Without even having to think hard, I answered: I guess I should have said: You shouldn't have done that sir. It's against the rules! He smiled at that. Guess I hit the answer spot on.
Then he said something like: well, if it wasn't for gatekeepers like yourself, I can get away with murder! The difference in those answers is that the Can't is harsh and more commanding while the Shouldn't is calmer and people would be more willing to listen to your argument. I CAN'T believe that he had thought me an ethical lesson on a sports day!
I don't know if I had earned his respect or he was just trying to take the mickey out of me, but he then said: another 1000 housepoints for sapphire for again being the silent house! Then he said: as a reward for such a great day, I'm giving Topaz, Emerald, and Ruby 2000 housepoints each!
For some weird reason, which I laughed at, people actually cheered. What they didn't notice was that he had just taken back his words of making Sapphire first! From now on, I have a lot of respect for that funny man in the black suit: Mr. Campbell.

Sporty Day...s.

Sunday: KG1-Grade 2
On this day, I had to be a help to the other teachers who were organizing the Early Primary Sports Day. Came to school in a non-outstanding fashion, just the same as usual, always dreary of course. Then one of my best friends, who had also accepted the task to help out, reminded me about the volunteer jobs that we took.
At 9 something, the games was about to start. Parents flooded in all at once. KG1 was up first. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, all came neatly out of their classes, each representing their own Houses. It annoyed me to no end that the children all seemed unmotivated at all. I had to take matters in my own hands. Kind of regret it now... lost my voice for a while: I readied a hard voice, steadied my vocal cords, and screamed: What team's gonna win?!!!
HUGE effect on the kids!! No wonder I love kids! Instantly their passion to not lose woke up, igniting flames inside of them, answering my taunt by screaming: RUBY! RUBY! SAPPHIRE! SAPPHIRE! EMERALD! EMERALD! TOPAZ! TOPAZ!!
There was another reason I became tired after all that: Laughing my head off at their desperate attempts to stay in first place. Especially the Obstacle Course! There was this one kid who stuck out more than the rest: A Topazian, chubby and always searching for his parents. The obstacle course included jumping over stuff, climbing others and balancing on another. This kid fell like 3 times on the first obstacle, chubby feet stomping slightly on the climb and couldn't balance what-so-ever! And he did all this still waving at his parents!
I was in charge of motivating the kids and keeping the overall scores. The results of KG1: Topaz first, Sapphire second, Ruby third, Emerald last and lots of sore throats.
KG2 was also similar but with double the cheering. There were lots of shouts and encouragements from the other volunteers like me and I guess the sight of much older kids trying to motivate them just, well, motivated them. The scores were somewhat similar as well.
Then came the slightly older Grade1s and 2s. OH... this was definitely one of the funniest and exciting events. The rules were slightly different but the atmosphere was the same: The obstacle course had an upgrade and they added a sack race as well. Now, the obstacle course included a crawl through a tunnel like thingy which me and the other volunteer had to keep in place. There are no words loud enough to describe the intense cheering coming from the different teams which almost never died down. It was a much better air than the one in the football match before! The results were complete opposite but with sorer throats and 2 pairs of dead arms.
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