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Thursday, 24 December 2009


Today, the PMR results came out for the Malaysian students.

I woke up and was lying in bed, trying to remember something I was supposed to do (aside from, of course, bathing and having breakfast). After a while, my grandma came into the room, sat down next to me and told me: Hai'i dapat 8 A (My cousin got straight As!). I was like: wow... His brother told me that he was smart and all, learning the guitar and solving the rubix cube, both of which he learned online, so I wasn't really surprised.
Then, I went to facebook and I saw that I had a new post on my page: Aida wrote (quote):

Faidhiii! I tried to call you but x dapat laaaaaaaaa! huh! >:P(this is her happily frustrated face)
anyways, i got my results!
and I got straight A's! haha, YAY (:(:

At this point, I was 50% sure that I was still asleep. Aida had gotten 8 As too! Not to say that she's not smart or anything, but she never came across as a super intelligent person in my views. She even forgot to pay for the books which almost led to her not getting her results! -.-' I'm sure she's over the moon happy right now. I wonder what her parents will get her as a present.

Congratulations to the both of them. I'm sure that they both worked really hard for it.
Ma sha' Allah.

To anyone that reads this post, please wish them a good future and give them a congratulations shout-out.


~Aidaaaaa said...

hey, Thnxx! Am i really THAT bad? haihhh >.< hahaha. at least i got 8A's :P:P

Faidhi(FyD) said...

i ddnt say u were bad! hahaha but u DID nearly not get ur results sbb lupe bayar kan? :P wt do u think dat says?

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