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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Rain Dance

There's a saying that old people used to say in Malaysia whenever it rained, which became a bit of a joke between the new generations: Ni mesti *put name here* tengah nyanyi ni! It practically means: *put name here* must be singing right now!

The reason they say this is because they are comparing that person's voice to a frog's croaking and since frogs croak before there's rain, they're saying that the reason it rained is because *person* sang!

Yesterday, I went out with a 9 other Malaysians (putting their name down would take too long and it's unnecessary for this post) to Mamzar Park because one of them whined that she's going to miss us and wanted to do something special. After a 24 hours worth of planning, arguing and messing about, they landed on the idea to have a barbecue in Mamzar Park. To those who've actually lived in Dubai, you may think this sounds a bit lame compared to the other things we could have done but... you have no idea how wrong you are. You don't need to do anything extreme to live life - something to a friend of mine in school.

That morning, we all woke up to the sound of light rain drops on our windows. It was so.. random! The day we had a plan was the day it began to rain! Completely out of our calculations. Almost simulatneously, I got one phone call and 2 text messages asking if we're going to continue. Well, it wasn't my plan to start with, but what the heck, rain or no rain, we're going to have a barbecue!

Some people need to revise on how to give directions... The people who got there first told us that the beach was on their left hand side and that they were at the very end of the barbecue line. The rest of us spent so much time looking for them while carrying heavy luggage that our joints began to creak! -.-'

A lot of stuff happened between this and the next part of the story - We tried to start a fire, found out that one of us is a Pyromaniac, finally started a nice flame, played cards, cheated while playing cards, went to walk on the beach, girls screaming after guys shouting "CRAB!" and some other stuff.

After all of those stuff, we had something to eat. Our chef, a new friend of mine who's going to New Zealand soon, started cooking chicken for us and since we kind of misplaced our utensils, we had to use his pocket knife to do everything. The end result was A- material (so said by the chef himself) and greatly satisfying (said everyone else).

Now, this is when the beginning of this post comes in. After we ate, we played 'Truth Or Dare' but we only got dares and no truths. However, the dares were amazingly, awesomely stupid. One dare was to jump like a frog to our neighbor-barbecue-ers, one was to ask for a massage from them, and one was to scream out loud that they liked someone. However, the two dares that are connected to the beginning paragraph are:
1.to sing 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift. Performed by a guy.
2. to dance and go OO HAA OO HAA OO HAA HE! around a circle of rocks 5 times. He only managed twice before we told him to stop with tears in our eyes from laughing.
You can most probably guess where I'm going with this...

Soon after we played the game, around Maghrib time, it started to rain. Not light, no slight drizzle but a total downpour. We were camped underneath a good patch of trees that stopped nearly all the rain but still some got pass and our stuff got all... wet. (Couldn't think of a better synonym).

Then, still raining, one of us suggested we take a walk down the beach. This was most probably the best memory of the night. Imagine walking in the rain alongside the beach peacefully... and then some jerk(me) goes into the water and splashes everyone! Anyone heard of the chain effect? One person does something then two people follow, then four and so on...

Soon, everyone started splashing each other and they began to take some really questionable pictures like guys acting girly and girls acting guyish. Mind you, it was still raining even after nearly an hour on the beach. And to all those who don't know: this is the first day Dubai rained this year. I can safely say that all of us were drenched at this point. One person had sand all over their head.

Time to head home. The park closes at 11 and it was 8 something and we still needed to pack up all of our stuff. This... took quite a bit of time. Okay, I'm lying... this took a crap load of time! For some reason or another, most of us stopped in the middle of nowhere and made the others wait. This ate up so much time... But it was worth it in the end: we reached a grassy area and a genius threw a football there.

It was so much fun! There's just something about watching people falling about and chasing after a ball in the hazy view of a rainy condition. Especially since most of the ones that fell over were girls who, no offense meant, sucks at playing football. I have to say: they were so cute! It was tremendous exhilaration! Everyone was shouting, cheering, and laughing... An event worth remembering.
Exhausted, we packed up again and moved on. Only to stop after a few meters to watch one of us jump on a trampoline and then hurriedly escaping from the keeper of the trampoline. Then, I hitched a ride with another friend and safely got home.

Owh, throughout this whole event, there was only a few moments that someone didn't burst into song! From a military march to the UAE national anthem to the Numa Numa song, we sang it all!


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