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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Exams: The Beginning

Fuuuh... Exams huh? Not a pretty thing. Specially if it's as important as the IGCSEs... I've done IGCSEs past papers before but never really got full marks. Came close, but not quite there.
People are doing alot of stuff in preparation for the arrival of Exams: they're having tuitions; they're taking in more homework; they're actually paying attention in class and they are stressing over it. Of course, teachers emphasising everyday how close the exams are isn't going to take the stress off but it's helpful if you want a good, high mark in the exam.
Me? Well, I'm still blogging, I'm almost always online, and I still don't know when the exams are- You tell me if I'm stressed. I just simply made a schedule for my brain to keep up with the schoolwork. It's alot better than going with the human paranoia of exams. I still do have to study, yes: there's no one in this world who can get a super great mark in exams if they don't study, but I'm not going to accept tuition offers, I'm not going to stay up all night just to learn about how E-MC(2) is a great finding and I'm definitely not going to pay more attention in class then I already am. I sit in the front row of almost every class! How much more attentive can one get?! Not saying I concentrate in class much though...
Anyways, today I had a 3 hour exam or survey for the PISA thing. It's the survey of how good a country is by measuring and comparing 15 year olds marks in the country. I thought since they said it was going to take 3 hours long, it'd be a good way to skip school lessons but, as usual, I was wrong. It was so, so, so, so, so, so, sooooo boring! Except for one question about spiders being drugged. Hahahahaha! Spiders high on weed...
After the exam part was over, which took 2 hours long, the last hour we spent on doing a questionaire about our life in school. I have never yet responded on a questionaire properly. For example: they asked me at what age I graduated Kindergarden from. I answered: Between 1 and 15.
Moving away from Spiders high on weed and Kindergarden, I think my exams are quite close and there's one of them in particular that is really important to myself: my IGCSE english exam. Out of all the IGCSEs, I place English and Biology as the most important ones. They're important because if some old dude in England thinks that I have very good understanding of the english language and that I have an excellent understanding of the human body, I would be able to become a doctor in a foreign country. I don't know yet if that is certainly my aim as a career but for now, I want the Dr. in front of my name. It makes me sound a bit more... Sophisticated ;p
As my closing paragraph, I'm going to give out a warning: Don't put yourself under too much stress or expect too much, it'll just make things worse if you DO get a low mark. Aim reasonably and try harder than you thought was possible. If you get a high mark and you were expecting something less, wouldn't that make you even happier?
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