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Friday, 15 January 2010

Finally! A break!

It's been so long since I've posted! The last one was about New Year'. Unfortunately, I had exams soon after and had to concentrate on them rather than think of things to post.

And yes, I said that only to make myself look like I'm actually concentrating on them. I haven't actually studied for any of the exams thus far and as such, I would not be getting any As. Or at least I don't expect to get them. I mean, getting a C would be like a miracle!

The last one I'll be having is on Sunday... ICT practicals. People say it's easy and I'm very inclined to believe them, but for the sake of not failing, I've been using all the Microsoft Programs over and over again. Now, I'm all set.

Owh but I didn't want to talk about the exams. I just wanted to post about my school life. And how it's about to end.

4 years ago, I started schooling at Sheffield Private School. I saw some huge guys in year 11 and back then, it never crossed my mind that we would be like them. Now I am in their grade; a senior to the rest of the school. Some year 6 student might be looking at me and thinking: he's so old and (delusional self) so cool! He/she wouldn't have ever imagined themselves a senior in a few short years, going through fun and hard trials and meeting a whole variety of people along the way.

An old friend of mine was talking, yesterday, about precisely this. It was during a free period after the Geography students did their exams. He says that he will honestly miss this school not only because of the teacher, not only because of the students but because of the school itself. It's the place he grew up in... it's the place he grew attached to. And each and every one of us there agreed with him. It will be such a sad moment when we have to leave the school.

But then again... It's the new beginning. At that moment, when we graduate (yes, "when" not "if"), we won't feel that much sadness. It will be a sensation that is unexplainable by a singular word. Something close to a combination of joy and relief tainted by a few regrets and perhaps sadness. Joy because we'll know then that we have done it; we've GRADUATED! Relief since all our life so far was building up to that day and it actually came. Regretting that we may have not done our complete 100% to getting to this point. Sadness because there's a chance we may never see each other again.

We've done something for the end of semester every year since we started at Sheffield Private School. We're going to have to plan something huge for this year.


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