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Tuesday, 5 October 2010


They were AWESOME!

Lemme explain:
These past two weeks have been really good, really fun, and really AWESOME.There was Talent Night, visiting Aida, and tonight: Video Game Competition.

Let's start with Talent Night. I had fun watching the talents from Sheffield Private School, my old high school, but this was above and beyond that! For one thing, there was AWESOME dances including a Michael Jackson mimic(almost an exact copy, except Iranian), a super AWESOME hot dance by an amazing dancer and even Shakira's waka waka! Then there were singing which made you want to wave your hand in the air and say aiii-o and cheer them on. Owh and even a Magic trick! The MCs were funny, and sometimes unintentionally so - when one of them tries to be funny... then... fails. I even got up on stage! Of course for a small amount of time only, but it was enough to make people remember me. I practically shook my butt on stage. It was AWESOME fun.

The acts there were just amazing. Bravo to all of them. Now I wish I had talents like theirs.. AWESOME.

Visiting Aida. Well, it wasn't planned or anything. I didn't get to visit her the day before so I decided to go. I had quite an adventure trying to get there while spending the least amount of money possible. No taxis, one LRT ride, one other LRT ride, and quite a long walk. It was worth it though. I got to tease her about her boyfriend =p. Owh, and now I have his number on my phone.. Huhuhuhuhu. Awesomness.. =p

And finally.. Tonight. Game Night. RM10 for 2 hours of AWESOME fun. It was for FIFA 10 on the big touchscreen board. I got to the semis but lost. Pfftt. But watching the other matches were just so much fun, especially since they are so LOUD! They were practically cheering as if it was a real live football match! "SHOOT LA"! "PASS PASS!" "WHAT THE EFF WAS THAT?!" "GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I'm deaf in one ear now thanks to them. I think the person next to me was deaf in his one of his ears thanks to me. After my Semis, I played PATBALL (after sooo long since I played it! Man.. brings back so many memories) with Sammy, big dude who's real good at it. It was AWESOME! Huhuhu Final score: 11:10 to me. =D Still got it! Then we played TEKKEN. Haven't played that in so long either! Hwoarang was my choice, of course, and he did not disappoint! Only a single loss! Woot! AWESOME, I know.

So, all of these events so far:
They were AWESOME!
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