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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Marks =(

Exaaammmmm Maaarrkkkkssss!!!!

Okay, so I woke up early somehow or rather this morning. Got ready, prayed, printed out the poem homeworks, then relaxed. I had no idea that we were getting our marks back today. -.-' Seriously speaking, the teachers need to warn us WAY beforehand.

I got to school late, thanks to Muhaimin waking up later than usual, and when I got to my first lesson (English) the whole class was buzzing with excitement. I asked someone what was up and they told me: We're getting our results back today! I asked when, and the reply I got from everyone was: I have no idea! Uselessness Maxed.

Anyways, I found out that we were getting them at the end of the day. So the school day passed by normally. And I won again against Anum :p:P! She's terrible at hiding. I'm thinking... to make it more interesting, why don't I hide this time... You try to find me, Anum?

Back to the results. I got them later than the end of the day. I got it 10 minutes after the end of the day. Thanks you so much of so reliable conductors -.-'.

The results are as follow, but before I begin, I have to remind you, I NEVER STUDIED for ANY of these subjects:

Arabic B
Biology A*
Business C
Chemistry B
English A
Physics A
Maths C

So, it's not a completely bad result. Especially Arabic. I only started studying that for a month!

The one I seriously don't believe is the ICT one. A C IN ICT?! There's just no way. I'm going to make the teachers recheck! So wrong. As for Business and Maths.. well, I accepted a long time ago that I wouldn't get higher than a C in them. Unless of course, I tried harder. Which I intend to do for the real IGCSEs.

Hear me now! This is my oath: To get more than half of my paper filled with As! *I'm not promising ALL As because I might just get an A* by accident*. ;)


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