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Saturday, 23 January 2010


Yeah. Poems. I know this isn't like anything I've ever posted before, but since it was homework and I've already done it, added with the fact that I have nothing else to post about, why not post it here?

Before I post them, I have to say: these poems are not completely originals. They are not the best of poems nor will I ever try to make the best of poems. So do not expect me to post a lot of poetry on this blog.
They are also Love Poems. They are part of an assignment in which I had to copy the style of other poets.

This first one is called I Wanna Be Yours. It's made up of mostly metaphors.
I also feel like saying some of these lines out loud. They are kinda corny but still originals.

Let me be your special napkin,
Absorbing all your tears.
Let me your container tin,
Shielding you from seers.
If you don’t ever want to feel down,
Meet me in a wedding gown,
I’ll never let you drown.
I wanna be yours.

Let me be your Chanel purse,
Trust me with everything.
Let me be your favorite verse,
The one you always sing.
Let me hold your hand,
Walking across the sand,
We’ll fly off the land.
I wanna be yours.

Let me be your warmest bath,
Helping you relax.
Let me be your surest path,
I promise, there will be no cracks.
If you wanna travel worldwide,
Let me be by your side,
It’ll be one heck of a joyride.
I don’t wanna be hers
I wanna be yours…

I'm not sure how far your imagination can stretch, but please bear with me. This poem is packed full of metaphors that need explanations.. Like a Chanel Purse. Well, I was thinking: what do girls really trust? The answer was a purse. They stuff EVERYTHING down there! And Chanel because most girls I asked what brand of purse makers they trust most answered Gucci. But one of them answered Chanel. It fits better with the poem.

The next one is even lamer. It's called "Love Is" and it's practically trying to explain what Love is. Or something along those lines.

Love is waiting for you patiently.
Love is fighting for you furiously.
Love is dreaming about you endlessly.
Love is.

Love is not wanting to fall asleep.
Love is a cliff that’s really steep.
Love is falling down oh so deep.
Love is.

Love is the heaviest burden.
Love is all my days brighten.
Love is the world’s luckiest omen.
Love is.

Love is the greatest of dreams.
Love is waiting with melted ice creams.
Love is filled with crazy schemes.
Love is.

Love is a cactus.
Love is losing focus.
Love is only us.
Love is…

The thing about the last lines is that it's describing itself. Losing focus, so the lines are getting smaller and shorter with less of a descriptive nature.

Poetry is an awesome way of expressing how you feel. That's the only reason I think people like poetry. Songs are made by the same techniques poems are made from but only with music in the background. However, I think that the absence of music in poetry emphasizes the beauty of the words itself a lot more. I'm not a big Poetry Fan myself but I understand why people like poetry.

It's an freestyle way of telling people how you feel... Now I'm thinking: If that's true... Shakespeare is a nut job!


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