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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Again With The Names!

Yeah.. I once posted before about meanings of names and how I couldn't find mine since it's really strange. (Faidhi Fudzail) Neither my first or last names' meanings can be found!

At least not when spelled like that. That's when I realized that maybe I had to tweak my name a bit... Just a tiny bit.

For example, when I took out the silent 'H' and the first 'I', I get Fadi.

The result I got from http://babynamesworld.parentsconnect.com is this:
Gender: Boy
Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Sacrificer; Saviour.

There's also Faidh, without the final 'I' which means:
Gender: Male
Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Superabundance; Favour.

Since I know a bit of Arabic, I can tell you that if you add the 'i' sound to any word in the Arabic language, it becomes 'My "something"'. So, Faidhi would mean My Favour.

Okay. So I'm getting somewhere at least. So if you want to find out about your name's meaning, and still can't find it, try seeing any other names that SOUND like your name. There might be a clue to the puzzle that is your name.

Here are some of my friends' names meanings:

Anum: Fifth Born Child. Or if spelled like Anaum: The Blessing of Allah.
Najwa: Romantic Intimate Conversation.
Alaudeen: Servant of Allah
Nasruddin: Protector of Faith. (Sorry guys, your names were harder to find, so I had to tweak it a lot)
Muaz: (Tweaked) Brave man
Haziq: Skillful, Intelligent
Amjad: Worthy of worship
Nabila: Born to nobility
Nabil: Noble
Aizad: Sweetness
Ali: Sublime
Farhan: Merry
Amir: Prince
Agnelo: Pure
Indraneel: Sapphire
Michael: Like the Lord
Elena: Light
Reem: Beautiful Gazelle
Rana: Royal
Kinza: Hidden Treasure
Hamim: Friend
Mumin: One who believes.
Farida: Turquoise/Unique
Jessie: Rich
Chad: Protector

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