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Monday, 1 December 2008

Dance With The Egyptians

Today's I'm flying to Egypt! I'm hoping its gonna be hell loads of fun! I mean there's pyramids, threes dead Pharaohs and hopefully some not so dead mummys! =D I guess I'm just hoping for an adventure. 
The trip will last 10 days. That's long enough for me to take on an enraged mummy and slay him! *evil laugh*. That's also a very long time for me to hang out with my family, something that really doesn't happen much often. 
Now, i know it wont be all fun and mummy killing, there are real dangers there too; my friends from Egypt says that even if i walk around with only one Egyptian dollar on me, I WILL get mugged! That's why I'm taking one UAE dirham instead:D
Everything has a downside. The downside of this is that i wont be able to see my friends for 10 days. There's one friends who I will really miss, since shes not going to be in Dubai when I come back. The next time I'll see her is in 6 freaking months time! Aida, IMY!
Ill update as soon as I can. Laters!


Anonymous said...

Awwww! Imy2.. Ermmm.. Can u tell the pharaoh that he's so hawt n tht i want his number.. please? I mean he's freaking rich ryt? ;)

Anonymous said...

hmm n were the mummies hot??

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