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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Ancient Wonders

The internet here costs 1 Egyptian Pound per hour...I have all the time i need!
Pyramids are HUUUGGEEE!!! When I heard we were going to see the pyramids and mummies, I was ecstatic, but i didn't anticipate the wondrous sight that was the Great Pyramid of Giza.
After Luxor, we went on a 12-hour long train trip to Cairo. It was meant to be 9-hours but for some reason, the train stopped in the middle of no where for ages. Luckily, I was sleeping through all of it:D.
When we reached Cairo, we definately saw the difference between Cairo and Luxor: Cairo is as crowded as DCC on a weekend times 8000! It doesn't seem as crowded as Luxor however; the city's bulk is huge enough to fit the 8 million people occupying it. We rode a taxi driven by a man so huge he can put the pyramids to shame! When he drives, he apparently curses all the other drivers except himself, which is quite understandable as the driving here is AWESOME! There are no road lines, the traffic lights don't work, and there are roads as high as the buildings themselves! The roads, in the morning, is almost completely empty, but give it until night time and you'll hear horns everywhere!
We stayed in a Malaysian Complex for University Students in the Pahang sector. It's almots like living in Malaysia itself: the burger stands, speaking malay, the friendly atmosphere all reminds of home.
NOW to the important part!
The pyramids! I had this image of a yellow traingular thingy in my head the morning we were told we were going. But when we actually got there...its un-imaginably amazingly beautifully BIG! There is no way anyone could prepare themselves for it! And btw, I am the 1st Fudzail, 1st of my generation to step into the Great Pyramid:D such a huge honor *smiles proudly*. lol
They let us in the pyramids to see a tomb which was hidden in it, but the WAY to the tomb is so dangerous that Muhaimin wasn't able to go. The steps were steep, the ceilings were low, and the air in there is so hot that it makes you wish you hadn't stepped in in the 1st place. BUT i was too excited to care about any of these. All I cared about was going into the Great Wonder! The amazing thing is that the Ancient Egyptians didn't have any equipments to drag the HUGE rocks all the way there, and that the building still stands today in a near perfect from.
After the pyramids we went to see the Sphinx, the cat wit the pharoahs head. But after seeing the Pyramids, the Sphinx in comparison is NOTHING. Shoulda seen it first and then the Pyramids...
In the same day, we went to Cairo Museum, where the mummies sleeps...*scary music*
The museum is great in itself, the size of it and the mysteries inside is mind-boggling. But again, I didn't even care... I looked straight ahead for the mummies! But we had to pay 100 each to see it...costly, but worth it! The thousands of years old bodies were tiny, like they shrunk. The skins were as black as coal, the teeth were rotten, and some even still had hair! There was this King who died in a war, with a wound that pierced his skull on display...really cool! They say that you can tell whether a mummy was of royalty or not by looking at the positions of their hands: if by the sides, not royalty, if crossed over their chess, royalty.
Unfortunately, the Mummy I was hoping to see wasn't on display: Tut Ankh Amun, the younest of the Pharoahs. He died at the age of 18 of mysterious causes. Some say that his uncle killed him for the title of Pharoah. Even if HE himself wasn't there, his belongings were! They were all made of solid GOLD! They found his body inside a Golden Sarcophagus, inside a golden box which was inside a bigger golden box inside an even bigger golden box inside an even bigger golden box INSIDE ANOTHER ONE! Around the box were his golden belongings: a golden carriage, 2 golden beds, lots of golden jewellery and so much more. The thing that caught my eye was the golden knife which was buried next to him. The tilt and blade were made of gold and there was still that gleaming light that came out of it. There were also other weapons that were found in his chamber at the Valley of Kings, like the bows and arrows of his faithful army. These were made of wood but there were arrow heads which was made of gold as well. The thing that is really confusing is that all the other Pharoahs were buried inside a wooden sarcophagus with nothing else but hieroglyphs on the surrounding walls. They must have felt really guilty in letting such a young Pharoah die that they blessed him with tons of gold!
I will finish up here as I can't remember what else we've seen while on the roads, but i can tell you that we saw LOADS of things, like graveyards that are much more beautiful than the actual living places of the people, the most ancient of universities the Azhar University, and mosques whose minarets climbs up to the skies.


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