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Monday, 29 December 2008

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Every year, someone always says: well, this year was just the same as last year: the same school, the same people, the same boring old routines. These people are oblivious to the fact that everything has changed from 365 days ago! The same faces have grown up, the same school has become better, and there are no such things as a routine! I myself can tell that a lot of things have changed. The most obvious change is the global crisis which the whole world is trying to solve. Money is and has always been a huge factor in the world, no matter what other people say.
Now, I'm 15. Next year I'll be 16. And soon I'll be taking a step towards the direction of adulthood, something I've been personally loathing and always tried to avoid. There are a fewf disadvantages of growing up. But since this is New Year's I always try to look on the brighter side. For example: I'll be going to a University soon! That's a MAJOR period of a dude's life! 
My parents always said that our childhood always seems like its going on forever, never having to worry about anything, blissfully unaware of what the future has in store. Then, after we have gone through University, we look back...and notice all that we've done...all the memories...all in the past. Everything seems to have happened all in a quiet blur, sometimes leaping out in a roar of excitement, but always blurring out again. Even now, my trip to Egypt seems so close. I could still remember the Milky Tea that they served us for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
My friends have also changed. They all seem more grown up. Their minds are getting harder and harder to understand. In school and outside of school, I usually keep my lives apart. One way or the other...my lives are getting knitted together...2 worlds that usually ignore each other now are heading for collision. But I'm grateful that they are my friends even if they get super annoying sometimes! =P I love you people! 
My family has also changed a lot. Muhaimin especially. Even though it might seem like he's still the big baby he always had been, he is undeniably growing up. Although he will always be the same annoying budak to me. Abang has also changed. Ever since the start of 2008, he seems to have gotten a lot more responsible and he has also started to become an easier person to talk to. Unlike before, when we just ignore each other the whole day. Now, we are friends.
I don't know if I have changed...people keep telling me that I have always been this way, never changing. I know for a fact that my physique has changed...I grew taller, sturdier even...but in attitude, it seems like I will never change. And I'd really like it to be that way. I like my life the way it is, going to school to study and learn things with all my friends, then occasionally hang out with my best friends, coming back home to my caring family. I know that things will change. I know that soon, I won't even meet most of my friends anymore. I know that I won't always have this house to call a home. I also know that I will make new friends, learn new stuff and have a new home. Looking into the future is scary business! 
As for a New Year's Resolution...WWEELLLL...... I guess I can try harder in school, try harder to be a better son and try harder to be the best friend possible to everyone. Sounds hard...well at least I'll try! Happy New Year! 2009- the Year of Technology.


manlaksam said...

Pak Man baca merangkak-rangkak tapi Pak Man faham lah sikit-sikit, pandai anak menulis.....Pak Man respek anak ni. Mewarisi bakat menulis dari ayah ni....
Kirim salam dengan ayah ya!

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