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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

huhuhu...in Egypt today;D too bad though...no mummies as of yet!
Egypt is really different from Dubai or Malaysia but I am only basing this on Luxor, where i am now, and not the whole of Egypt. The people here would do ANYTHING it takes to get money! In Dubai, people have to chase taxis to get a 30 minute ride. Here, taxis chase you for whatever lenght you want! Thing is : it costs like 100 Dirhams PER RIDE!!! Warning: Profesional con-men at work.
This place has a very interesting history and great sites to visit such as the Valley Of Kings, where the mummies were found; the Carnac Temple, where the Pharoahs lived; then theres Banana Island, NOT the best place in the world, but it shows us how different the lives of the people here are compared to ours.
The food here is...interesting. The McDonalds have a restaurant here-really small- but the food there is DOUBLE everything! Double BigMac, Double Filet o Fish, but they don't sell 20 pieces McNuggets. A major Bummer for me! The price? Double everything as well! The Apple pie costs 7.27 Egyptian Pound, so that's like 5-6 dirhams!
The McDonalds might be bad, but the food in the hotel is AMAAAZZZIIINNNGGG!!!!! Cheap price for double the size of an Uno's Steak! The mashed potato in the morning is enough to wake you up and get you going for the rest of the day! Oh, the hotel's name is Emilio Hotel btw.
But even if the food is amazing, the number one downside through all of this is (and I'm pretty sure most GUYS would agree on this) THERE ARE NO FOOTBALLS!!! They don't seem to play it much here. Most of the kids are busy conning people for money: their training for life. There was this girl who wouldn't leave us alone, even when we got into a sort-of mini train and rode off untill we gave her our only water bottle! The water costs 15 Egyptian Pounds! And it doesn't even taste too good; in Dubai, the Avian is 100% pure drinking water, here the water bottle says: Pure 100% NATURAL water...god knows where they get the water from...
Okay, my hour on the computer is almost up, so I'll just say: I MISS ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!! Although seeing the mummies soon will cure that :P


Anum. said...

u sound lyk u had fun!
i miss you too!!!
gluck on ure trips!
tell me more bout it

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