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Friday, 28 November 2008

Starting Off

To start off i should probably introduce myself ryt? I am Faidhi (FyD) Fudzail. i am likely to be the laziest person most of you will ever meet or so people say. It was such a big step for me to even consider writing this blog! I'm Malaysian and proud! There ain't nothing better than being a lazy Malay!
I am living in Dubai, UAE which is quite the adventure; the people here are completely WEIRD! The locals get anything they want just by asking for it; the tourists act as if nothing they see here is new; the students dont study anything and all of my friends are seriously whack! Everything here is so high class that even getting into a movie cost more than 30 bucks, not counting the drinks and snacks! yeah, i miss Malaysia.
But I cant say that i would rather stay in Malaysia either. I love it here. There is always something going on and all of my friends are here! The only thing is that all of my family is all the way in Malaysia. 
Im a year 10 student currently studying in Sheffield Private School, where I have been studying for 3-4 years now. I am the Topaz House Captain and the younger brother of the HeadBoy which can become quite the pain in the ***. 
I belong to a dissapearing group called the Bodoness which is dissapearing because everyone is moving away...Najwa moved to saudi, Aida moved to Malaysia and so might Anum. I am going to graduate from high school soon and i will be moving away as well so its really sad now. BUT! That's all the more reason for the remaining time we have together should be soo much fun right?!
As you might have noticed, I have a problem shutting up and ending anything, that's why i have never started anything in the 1st place! That's why everyone seems to find me annoyingly lazy. But when it comes to doing fun stuff(yeah i know; it sounds wrong) i am always hyper for it! Theres a music competition coming up and im part of it so wish me luck! I will definately need it!
Woah that was long wasnt it? well its all over now and ill be updating the blog weekly or monthly or maybe yearly depending on my mood! okayh, see ya all hopefully soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Welcum to the blogging world.. Ermmm.. I'm the first to follow! (=

Anum. said...

im the second.heee.
nice post!
let us enjoy blogging haha
im bored.

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