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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Under Construction!

As planned beforehand, we went with Ala' and Nasa, Haziq and Yahya, and Muaz to a place far away to watch AC Milan play against Hamsburg. I was in a car with Saif, Haziq, Nasa and Yahya with Uncle Afzar while the others rode with another Uncle. The traffic Jam was looong! But only on the main roads. Uncle Afzar decided to use a backroad, which got us there faster than the others did. Lucky break for us! 
To tell you the truth, I wasn't interested in the football match. Rather, I was more interested in the yelling and screaming to the players more than what was goin on in the match. And unfortunately, it was really dissapointing: the match had a really slow tempo, which meant not that much yelling! We did get to shout at the referee a few times and we did get to scream the players' names as they played quite a dull game. We all expected Milan to dominate but it was the reverse: Hamsburg played a better game and they certainly didn't deserve to lose.
The score was 1-1 by 90 minutes and the game went into penalties. The penalties had the most yelling in it! There were boos and chantings of the shooters' and goalkeeper's name as they went into their respective places. It was 5-3 to Milan as Dida saved a penalty and another hit the crossbar. Then there were people dancing queerily, shiny things floating in the sky and my hoarse voice going along with the music and finally, the whole thing came to a stop. See? Boring match! But...that's my opinion. Me, the guy who doesn't even care abut football much. Ask the others for a more..."professional" opinion!
But the title says Under Construction...what does that have to do with football? The Stadium. The Stadium wasn't even complete! There weren't even WALLS! Or Chairs!! We had to sit on green floor! There were tunnels under these green things to let people walk through and these were lined with construction posts! A match which everyone was looking forward to in an uncomplete stadium. What a Rip-Off!! 
Hahaha. I have to say this: Who cares? At the very least there WAS a football match and people were there with family and friends! That's what I thought being in a huge gathering like that was about: to have serious amounts of fun! It would have been a lot more fun if it was in a real stadium, true, but (the corniest saying) life gives you lemon, you make lemonade! We might not have made lemonade, but we were still satisfied. 
P.S. this was all written in the middle of the night...when I just got home from the match...So it may not be the greatest post you'll read! 


Anum. said...

wished i went:(

-Haziq. said...


ahahaha, I can see that you didn't care about the match at all :)

you're getting the anum disease.. i'd watch out if i were you.

Anonymous said...

i know how that feels...................................................i went to this cricket match which took three hours and it was pakistan vs. west indies. ok so we're all there, all the paki people cheering for their team, and guess what there was only TWO PEOPLE in the whole stadium supporting west indies! how sadly boring. then some very generous paki (and may i mention very cute) guys felt sorry for them n started cheering for west indies instead lol... and i got to meet my team so it was cool :D

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