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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Birthday Spook

On Friday, I was invited to go to a friend's birthday party. He said that he plans to take us bowling and ice-skating at Al Nasr Leisureland, behind the old Nasr Cinema. However, my family and family friends had already made plans to go to the Dubai Cares Help for the Children of Gaza. Thankfully the party was postponed until 6pm that night. 
At the Dubai Cares, we arrived to a city of boxes; the volunteers who had already arrived were making boxes for the necessities to go in, and they had piled the small, white boxes on top of each other by the road. Since we were new arrivals, we decided to go help make the boxes as well. 
Logically, "making boxes" doesn't sound like much fun does it? Well, during our systematic production of boxes, I managed to have heaps of fun! There were hundreds and hundreds of boxes to be made! The making process was simple: take uncreated boxes, make it into a box, tape it and then pile it. I was in charge of taping it and making sure the tape was... well, basically neat. After we ran out of boxes, I went and searched inside the building for more unfinished boxes and buh-lieve me, it was like a whole other city in there! It was completely crowded! I made my way through the maze of people and stopped at a gallor of boxes! There were enough to fit more than enough rations of food to feed a whole country! (Obviously Dubai Cares had done their maths!)
After making uncountable boxes, it was finally time for the party!
I was dropped off at 5pm infront of the Leisureland. Of course there wasn't anyone there; my friends have a knack of coming to parties or anything of the sort late. Or maybe I was just dropped off too early. Either ways, I was fortunate: I was walking aimlessly through the building when I saw a sign saying: Ice rink and Bowling will be closed from 4th January. 
Guh-reat! I had to call up the birthday boy and tell him the news and trust me, he was astounded. The dude hadn't checked if his plans were full proof or not! *Sigh* So after careful consideration which involved me doing nothing, we decided to go to Wafi, where there is roller blading, Virtual Roller-Coaster and best of all, The Tomb! Basically, the Tomb is an ancient-egyptian-based maze. I've never been in there ever before but Saif had and he said it scared the crap out of him and his friends. Enough reasons to go right? C;
So I waited for B-Day Boy and the others to show up and what-do-you-know? An old friend of ours just coincidentally shows up! It was a huge reuninion! At first it was only me, her and her friend for the better part of 40 minutes and when I left to pray Maghrib, another friend shows up. The best part was that this Friend and the Old Friend had a hilarious history together. They didn't forget. By the time the others came, I was crying from laughter.
When we finally got to Wafi, (I rode with my best friends and one of theirs' singing Mom and Dad) we played Pool first. I think there were only 2 people who were actually playing Pool! The others(including me) were playing around like samurais with the sticks! 
After Pool, we went Roller Blading. My history of roller blading is just that: History. I haven't even touched a roller blade in half a decade! B-day Boy was worse: he's NEVER been in roller blades and even in shoes he falls over! We had splendid amounts of fun! I finished with a bruised buttock, a burnt ankle, and a headache from laughing.
Virtual Roller-Coaster! This is one of the best parts of the night. I don't think any of us got out of it with a non-sore throat! I went with the B-day boy and I attempted to make it more scary than it really was by screaming whenever the fun part comes around. He seemed happy so I'm satisfied.
Next: Food! Spaghetti Bolognaise. Just the sound of it..ahh... so delicious! 
Afterwards: The Tomb!! No doubt the main event of the night, it didn't dissapoint! 5 people were allowed in at the same time, and we were fortunate in that manner as one of our numbers had to go as he had another party to attend to. So all of us were allowed in at the same time.
The people took our mobiles, watches and anything else that might provide light or sound or anything really. Then we knocked. 
Bang! Something slammed itself on the door. I'm lucky I don't have very good reflexes because everyone else jumped back and fell over each other! Then this creepy hunchback opened the door. The guide.
No more details. If you want to enjoy it completely, you'll have to go in yourself. But I can gurantee you one thing: no matter how prepared you are, no matter how many times you go in there, you'll be coming out of there running.


Aida Rani said...

Naaaaaaaaaak pegiiiiii....
Jom! U blanje!

Anum. said...

Saif had and he said it scared the crap out of him and his friends.
and u want me to go with you?!
gile lah hahahaha.

NaNa XD said...

yea.... aida... anum... lets go!!!! hahahaha

peacock-colours said...

hello.....am i not worth mentioning?? :( *CLATTER* (that was my heart breaking)

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