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Friday, 2 January 2009

2k9's First Day

It was one of the most exhausting day I've ever had, I'll tell you that! A series of events made me sleep late, even though I knew I had to wake up early. I know...stupid. Well, After I did wake up, we already misses most of the fun Family Day that was planned, so we went to eat breakfast at our second kitchen: Al Nasr Restaurant. Even the uncle who works day shifts and lamost never laughs, was in a really cheerful mood! Good omen for a good year. C=
Then we went to salvage whatever fun was left in the Family Day, and we hit gold. It was absurdly fun!  By the time we reached there, they had already done the Wheelbarrow and were just starting to play Tug-O-War. I lost. No need to put details into that.
Afterwards, we played football and rugby/american football (I still don't know which!). I really did miss hanging out with all my friends like that, but as a start to my new year's resolution, I have made a new friend(awesome or not I'm not yet sure), Ash. Hopefully I'll learn her real name soon. C=
We went to have a BBQ night at Unc FND's house. It was Auntie Sue's birthday! On the 1st of January! How incredulously lucky! All of her birthdays are holidays which everyone's celebrating! Anyways...Nasa and I were in charge of the fire-starting. I am proud to admit I am terrible at it! After lots of fanning, we managed to get the fire to start. Not to mention I couldn't use my right arm for the whole night afterwards!
I can't tell you how amazing yesterday was because I am at lost for words to describe it. I saw Ala', Nasa, Haziq, Anum, Amanie, and a pack of kids, all of whom I really missed. We played UNO, then there was something like a pillow fight which then turned into a wrestling match between me and the kids. I came home at 10pm with more brusies than a boxer does after a match. All in all...It really was a gold mine.


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