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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sudden Adrenaline! Weeee...

For the last month, I've been complaining how suddenly the whole world started to get absurdly dull. Well, thanks to these past couple of days, I'm prepared to eat my words.
First off: sudden invitation. One day off from school and the school kicked into top gear! As soon as I came to school on Thursday, friends swamped me with questions on whether or not I was going to Dubai Festival City that evening. My answer: What? Apparently, after all that *cough* hard work *cough* in school, everyone needed a break, and what other place to celebrate than the place-to-be, DFC? So after much consideration which took a whole packet of crisps and 3 Oreos, I decided to tag along with them.
Party time! As per usual, I was first to arrive, and had to wait for everyone else. As not per usual, I met an old acquaintance! What is it with meeting people we used to know this year? Well, I actually saw the person from far so I wasn't one hundred percent sure it was that person so I waited a bit until i could see the person's face completely. Yep, it's a friend. When I decided to go say hi, precisely at that moment (what astoundingly perfect timing my friends have) 3 friends just happen to pop up! So we had this whole big reunion thing...nothing big, 10 minutes long maximum. The other 3 came over here riding a taxi: one from school, one from Sharjah, and one idiot from Ajman! For those who don't know their UAE Geography: That's a HELL of a long way to come! They were starving from sitting in a taxi, the ''idiot'' hadn't eaten for the whole day, so... I bought them all a Pepperoni Pizza! Of course there was a few slices which went into the buyer's stomach as well.
After they ate, came the girl with all the connections. She was the main host for this outing apparently. She had invited friends from school, outside of school and friends who don't know their friends yet. By the end of the day, there was like 13 of us. Quite a gathering. Well, the hostess had VIP coupons for the rides outside DFC. DING DING DING! Enter Main Event!
There were two main awesome rides: a corkscrew and a huge bouncy spinning bowl. Just from thinking about it now makes me noxious.
After much debating, we decided to get onto the Bowl first. Crap loads of fun! We were the 1st in the bowl so we were able to pick our places without any squeezing or pushing. Then...around and around and around it goes! I fell off my seat and remained on the spinning floor for the whole of the ride! Main reason for falling: Laughing.
After we had gained the ability to stand on two feet again, the Corkscrew was waiting to give us another ride of adrenaline. We should not have had that pepperoni pizza. At All. 
The thing started slowly...rocking side to side...then...SWISH! 90 degrees off the floor and into the sky! Screaming our heads off, feeling like our stomachs had flipped upside down, falling like a dumbbell in water: just a few descriptions of what came with the ride. All this...while going round, and round, and round, and round and round... I distinctly remember some girl screaming: WE'RE DEAD! WE'RE DEEAADD!!
After a while, the school friends all had to leave except the hostess and I was fortunate enough to have Uncle Fendi who was in DFC that day until 10+. So, now there were 10 of us left. I barely knew any of them except the hostess and a friend who came AFTER all the rides. We just decided to go walk around DFC dor a while, hang out. I also kept with my new year's resolution and had 8 new friends after that day. Of course, few names have been forgotten...
Oh, and on that same day, while I was getting the adrenaline rush of a decade, my cousins and their super-energetic daughter had already arrived here from Malaysia. They were knocked out cold by the time I had arrived home so it was a few more hours until I could enjoy their company.
Morning: Woke up and saw my cousins' faces. I'm not a morning person so you'll have to understand why I didn't do a sing-and-dance routine when I saw them. Their daughter(my half-niece) was already awake. Oh God, she's so cute. The whole day was spent with the whole family visiting Dubai's sights and listening to my endlessly talking 6 years old niece. 
Then, we went to the gathering at Auntie Yati's house. We prayed sincerely that her daughter is safe and that they'll be together again soon. I won't go into details. 
I also saw two of MY outside school friends. It's amazing how much pressure can be put off just by looking at old friends. I haven't seen them for a really long time. I can honestly and sincerely say: I miss you people...a lot.
I ate my words. The world's not gone boring...There was just nothing to make it exciting.


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