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Friday, 29 May 2009


I've gone to a lot of gatherings before, but this one was absurdly unique..

So, our favourite teachers were getting dismissed by the end of the semester. 3 girls thought: hell, if they're going, might as well make it a big thing! A few weeks later, we ended up in a completely booked TGI Friday's. The financial parts of this planning wasn't perfect but it worked.
There was no particular planning for the night; it was more of: go there and plan on the spot. But it turned out to be an eventful evening. I arrived late to the place because of a series of unfortunate adventures which included a taxi and waiting ages for one. The TGI Friday's was located near DCC, opposite the Aviation College. Go there people! It's Fun.
Anyways, by the time I reached there, everyone had arrived: teachers and students alike. I was asked by a couple of friends to give out certificates for the teachers, saying that they had graduated from the school. It was exactly the same as our report cards but instead of subjects, we marked them on attributes e.g. fun, education, strictness. As soon as we had finished handing them out, we all realized we didn't know what to do next! Super luckily, the appetizers arrived! Then there were no longer teachers and students, just friends. We joked, we laughed and we bonded. Weird, maybe, but fun.
After we ate, my friends decided it was time for a dance -.-'. They plugged in an ipod to the store's sound system and started playing songs. We convinced all the teachers to dance and well, let's just say that we were entertained from various forms of dancing: Belly dancing, salsa, and a baby hopping about.
Oh yeah, the TGI Friday's manager went up to us and told us that they would like to put on a show for us! That was completely unexpected and wasn't part of any of our plans but it was perfect: it kept the teachers entertained and they even let some of the students joined in on the dance. Dinner and a show!
It was a gesture from all of us, created by three from our numbers, to show how much they meant to us. After three years with them, we can all honestly say: we'll miss you. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

lmho teacher sitting hahah

and baby-hopping is called bopping. XD

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