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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Passing The Time

You know how irritating it gets when you finish the exam too quickly? Well, WikiHow tells me these are the best ways to pass time:

1.Daydream every once in awhile. Think about meeting your favorite celebrity or being in a movie. It can wake you up by making you think about something you actually want to do.
2.Think of a song you like and picture you and your friends doing impossible dance or gymnastics moves. It can seem pretty cool. Be careful not to sway to the music or you'll look weird. Also, you could imagine rocking out to a song with your friends.
3.Think of a funny joke or something your favorite comedian said. Be careful not to laugh loudly or you will look weird again. You may also get kicked out of the room for distracting others.
4.Be prepared ahead of time, whether this means bringing a book or paper to doodle on.
5.If you still have your test, but are done with it and you notice that there is still time left, then check your answers again. If you have already checked your answers then try to write extra or include facts and opinions. It will help pass by time and who knows, maybe even get you some bonus points.
6.Ask the teacher if you can listen to your MP3/I-Pod/Etc. That is really time consuming. If you aren't allowed to, just think of a few songs to sing in your head.
7.Take out a piece of notebook paper after you have turned your test in and draw or doodle on it for the remaining time. This is entertaining, and can make time move a little quicker


Aida Rani said...

tht is soooo helpful!

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