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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Right Before It Begins

Okay, so the exams are less than a day's time away. English IGCSE. Well, the night before the exam, what better way to chill then watch your little brother kick ninja butt on the PS2 right? Oh, and not to mention the awesome meal at Aden Restaurant! If this is what its like to have important exams, then I want an exam every week!
Anyways, I am actually looking forward to this exam; not only does it mean I'm almost there until the graduating finish line but it also means I've been doing quite well these last few years. Even better: my friends are graduating with me!
Of course, some amount of stress has been accumulating over the past few months as the exams seem to loom closer and closer, but now that it's just one day less away, all the stress just seem to be swept away. It's not like I can do anything to prepare now, is there? The only that could go wrong is if I overslept and missed the exams, or that I forget to bring the admission paper with my candidate number on it.
So, best of luck to my friends with their upcoming exams!


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