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Friday, 2 July 2010


I got lost there.

My mum and I went to Sunway University College (where I enrolled and got accepted under a conditional offer) to pay the registration and term fees. I... had a weird tummy thing going on, so I went to the toilet. I didn't get lost GOING there, but I got lost FROM there. I ended up going around the first floor of the campus once, and saw some of the lectures. I also took the opportunity to see what sort of people were there... Lots and lots of Chinese. They dominated the whole school! It's like everywhere you look, you see them. And I sneaked a peek at some of their works around the first floor... They're suh-mart! I'm gonna have to up my game!

Preparing for college life has a strange feel towards it. Not intimidation, but rather anticipation. You get the feeling that it's still so far away, but it's really just around the corner. 5th July: 2 more days. Stationary shopping: first thing on my to-do list.

Some of my friends said that they couldn't imagine me going to college yet. Apparently, I'm not the type. Ahh well, they are half right; I'm not the studious type. But that doesn't mean I don't belong in a college. Yes, I have my childish moments*every few minutes or so* but hopefully, college life will suit me just fine.

This isn't even university life yet. Or even a life without the comfort of living with family! It's just another form of school. But it feels SO different! You even have to carry around a Student Card! -.-' But those come in handy. I got my picture taken for that yesterday.

But I guess a lot of people have to go through this phase. You know.. the transfer between school and college. I didn't yet receive any advice for it. Just warnings such as: you think you're smart in school, but when you go to college, everyone's smart. Real confidence booster right? Even my Going-to-transfer-to-Canada Brother had this to say: I gave up trying to compete with the other students a long time ago -.-'.

But that didn't get me down. That actually got me excited. If I'm able to beat them, then that means I'm better than him. Of course, that won't be my main aim. Just a motivator. Of course, I'm not overly optimistic on this point, but just saying... =p

Wanna know the scary part? It's still a conditional offer! Which means I have to get good grades in my IGCSE or else! (I don't want to even THINK about what would happen afterwards) But I'm actually scary... My guts tell me I flunked my IGCSEs. Just a gnawing feeling at the back of my head... There's nothing to do but pray and hope for the best. So please: Pray for me... August... please don't come too soon.

Owh owh! There's an even scarier part! I have to take a Malay Language test!!! I've NEVER done Malay Lang EVER. Since I didn't do any of the Malaysian standard tests (UPSR/PMR), the school has no idea what level my Malay Lang is at so they have to make me take it. Scary right? xp

I'll try to post as much as I can about college so that those after me can prepare better than I have. I really wish those who are starting with me this year the greatest of luck and I hope we'll be good friends.


NaNa XD said...

good luck fyd! Maybe I can show you around there some time. hahahaha =P

oh, do you want tuition for malay lang? I'm available! =)

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