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Monday, 5 July 2010

College Boy.

Hi, I'm Faidhi Fudzail. I go to Sunway University College.

First day of orientation.
Being dropped off at the main entrance, I saw a horde of people walking and.. communicating with each other in countless languages. There were Chinese, Iranians, Chinese, Indian, Malaysians, Indonesians, Sudanese, Chinese, Pakistani, Mongolians, Iranians, Chinese,  Kazakhstan,  and whole lot of Chinese. No offense to them but there are WAAY too many of them there. Nothing wrong with it. Just making a statement.

The first thing I had to do was get a file with the information that I needed. So I headed over to the CIMP(Canadian International Matriculation Program) table and looked for my name on the board behind it. They grouped the students by the first letter of their name. So I'm in the M Group (Muhammad Faidhi bin Muhammad Fudzail) Of course, there was this astoundingly long line at that table. Apparently, CIMP is really popular. It's like comparable to when Taylor Swift opens up a stall to sign autographs.

I had to go to room NW-1-5, located on the North West building. The only people that were there before me were 3 guys and a girl. The teacher entered at around 20 minutes afterwards, when most of the students had already entered. Then he read off the register: there were 3 Michael's and 14 Muhammads. In total, there were 21 students or at least with my count there were.

Then the teacher started briefing us on how the week was going to commence, with the subjects picking on the next day and the boring speeches today. Halfway through his talk, this girl walks in and I nearly, VERY nearly, laughed out loud; she reminded me SO much of a girl I knew in Sheffield! Same height! Munia! I'm talking about you!

Then we had the ice-breaking session where the teachers put us into 4 different groups (1,2,3,4)  and told us to introduce ourselves to our team members. Our group consisted of an Iranian with a name that sounded like Muhammad Ali but was something more on the line of Mahadmali or something; a Mongolian girl named Hali who's a bit of a veteran about the college grounds; 2 Malaysians named Ary and Amin/Ameen.

The Munia Half Malaysian, Half Yemeni look alike is named Maram (Maryam without the y). She somehow TALKS like Munia as well... It's kinda freaky. The only difference is that Maram can understand Malay which makes her at least 50% cooler than Munia xp.

After the Ice Breaking session, we had to go to the MPH (Multi Purpose Hall and not *as we were constantly reminded* the bookstore) for the Orientation speeches from Heads of Departments in Sun-U. I slept twice in it.

After the Orientation Speech, we headed down to the canteen for Break, and on the way, we met Magnus in the elevator. We soon became friends. Then he introduced us to some of HIS friends, including the Kazakh. I'm going to have to go and meet them again, and try to memorize all of their names. NOT easy.

Anyways, during the break, I am pretty sure we had the most international group of people on one table! Then I met someone with the same interest as me: Anime! Hahahahahaha

Then we had to go back up to the class to do an English Placement Test which turned out to be a bit harder than expected: I haven't practiced English Literature in so long that I got really rusty in it. But right now, I'm sure I did alright.

Tomorrow, I have a Maths Placement Test. THAT'S going to be hard.

So, for those who are going to attend Sun-U soon, the advise today: be open minded and you'll meet a whole variety of people.


~Aidaaaaa said...

why did u repeat the word chinese?


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