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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Work, work, work, Snooze....

As most other schools, the students in my school have a tendency to injure themselves by completely random casualties. That fact helped me decide what I wanted to do for my work experience week: I applied for a job as an trainee in our school's medical department. Basically: a murse(man-nurse).

The first day on the job. All I had to do was learn the basics of a medical check-up when a patient comes in. The first thing I should do when a patient comes in: ask them their name. The injury can wait, the name comes first! Then allow the patient to complain. If its a stomach injury, always ask: would like to go to the toilet first? After they have done their business, check their temperature. This is one of the main symptoms of a disease: change in temperature.

Then I studied basic first-aid. You know: CPR, what to do wit a fracture, not to attempt to suck snake poison out of a victim. The usual. They handed me a handbook on this too! However, I left that in the office.

The Patients! The first patient I had was a little girl who had ringing in her ear. When asked how did it happen she replies: my team-mates shouted at me for letting a goal in. And the girl who had shouted was the one who accompanied her to the clinic!

The most memorable patient award, however, would go to a 4/5th grader boy who had grazed his ankle while playing indoor-hockey. He came in all calm, smiling and everything, but as soon as I told him we have to clean the wound his face went: O.O! He suddenly said he was fine, no problems, stood up, fell back down -.-'. We managed to clean the wound in the end, and bandaged the small graze.

The main timings when patients came in was right before break and lunch time. Other times.. its so quite I was able to catch some shut eye until the end of the day!

Tomorrow, the doctor's coming in. This should be interesting...


Anonymous said...

hey, so i'll drop by tomorrow:

severe pain in my right nostril and upper lip, and a numbness in my left leg. cause: paper cut in fingertip.

:P be ready.

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