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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Experience Week

Ooops! Sorry, completely forgot to update on how the week went!

Well, from Saturday to Wednesday, the days went by very, very, VERY slowly, major emphasis on the VERY. Everyday I had to sit there, waiting for someone to get hurt. No, wait... it was more of HOPING someone would get hurt.
When someone did get hurt, it was more or less all of "I fell down" or "My stomach is 'paining me' ". The "I fell down" patients had cuts or bruises that we put ice on or bandaged it. Or, we had the more frequent "I fell down" and yet has no cuts or bruises but still want's the ice pack. I think they're falling down on purpose to escape the scorching Dubai heat. I don't really blame them. Actually, I thanked them for faking; at least I'd have someone to "heal".
The last day(Thursday) I asked to be placed as a teacher instead. Most of my friends had chosen(or were chosen) to be teachers and they often bragged and complained about their classes to me. From all the complaints and brags, I gathered that KG students were the best to teach since the classes are the most eventful classes in the Primary section. So I headed to the KGs where I met Jake, Karen A and Karen K-seriously hilarious kids! Karen A(or was it K) has a ''thing'' for Michael Spriggs, another student-teacher who was my predecessor. She actually told him: I will marry you! I don't know how Michael reacted buut.. I'm going to guess he was quite happy.
They told me I had come at a good day: it was one of their birthdays! I GOT CAKE! It was a Power Rangers Cake too!! Man, am I lucky or what?!
Afterwards, they allowed me to come and watch a show that they made. It was about animals in the jungle, all of them with the ability to dance-Lions did Tango, Hippos did rock and roll, Monkeys did Salsa- except the Giraffes. It was their first rehearsal ad it went quite well! The hippos LOVED their part. Maybe a little bit too much.
So, the things I learnt from this week was: how to do medical check-ups, basics of First-Aid, how to paint and draw a monkey, and that Lions can dance reaalllyy well!


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