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Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Calm After The Storm

That was just plain old FREAKY! There was absolutely NO warning! Sure there were rain clouds, but I just figured it'd be like always and the rain clouds would clear themselves out. Big mistake!
Never, ever underestimate the weather in UAE! For the past month or so, there was all sun and heat and clearly no rain. Yesterday night, however, rained so hard that my house actually got flooded! Some parts also had HAIL! That is awesome Rare. There was obviously ligtning and thunder, and I heard SOME people were scared of it;P
Ok, how I knew my room got flooded.
I was actually watching T.V. when d rain started. First it was just a few pellet-like drops, then it came down harder and with more reinforcements! Before you know it, the T.V. is on maximum volume and I could still hear NO sound! It was SuperRain! Coming down on Earth with all its might! Flash! Lightning! BANG! Thunder!
So, I decided to make sure the window in my room was closed. I was intent on making sure it was closed so when I heard the water crashing down louder than it should, I thought the window was open. I rushed into the room, saw my window was closed and was completely dumbfounded when I finally noticed that my roof was leaking!
One event led to another and soon enough, there was no T.V., no internet, and Abah, Muhaimin, Saif and I were sitting down in a circle, playin Scrabble. At least some good came out of the storm.
Forecasts: storm will happen in the next 5 days. Basically, we're going to have to endure storms until Sunday! Insha'Allah nothing too bad will happen.
I'm going to try to update as soon as I can on the storm.


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