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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hi There. It's Been a While.

And ironically, it's the season of goodbyes.

Universities are a-calling, people are a-leaving, and the rain's a-coming. It's August and its the time of year people are leaving on airplanes to oversea destinations to strive for their futures. - I was going to write future dreams but... you don't really know what you're going to be dreaming about in the future are you? - That means celebratory dinners and farewell lunches as well as possibly I'll hate you for this desserts.

This post is especially dedicated to the following people: Angeline Low, Pak Wei-Han, Mark Donkor, and Matthew Corban. There are probably more who are leaving, but I don't know them and/or I don't know that they're leaving. A special mention of Wan Rezal and Yow Chi Leng since they're going to Nottingham University in Malaysia which is almost an equivalent of moving to a different country altogether. It's in the middle of nowhere. The others are leaving to Europe, other parts of Asia, Australasia, North America... Good luck. All of you. Oh and thank you.

The mentioned are people who made life quite interesting in Sunway College and, thanks to Facebook and other websites, I'm probably going to have a hard time forgetting them. Oh and before I actually DO forget: another special shout out to Candice Novia. Hope to be hearing your soon-to-get Australian accent in the future. Notice that I did not write your last name. Remember that you can complain all you want to my Facebook wall. Or inbox. Depends on whether discretion is needed. Have fun.

Now... back to me. (How selfless am I? I spent 10 minutes writing about other people before I got to the main event). I'm going to be studying Human Psychology for the next few years and guess what? I'll be studying it in Sunway University College! Sarcastic YAY!

Okay, it's not bad and the sarcasm is perhaps unnecessary since I actually really like the place and the people there. It's close to home which means home cooked meals, I know the layout very well, and it's... familiar. That last one.. Familiar... I don't know if it's a good thing or not. Being put in an unfamiliar territory sounds more.. thrilling. Traveling and seeing new places, getting to know more people and perchance picking up a language or two. That's fun. That's how you learn the stuff you can't learn in classes or lectures. That's experience.

The course Psychology was (as most people who know me knows) not my first choice. I thought of doing Medicine somewhere like Canada or UK. But I flunked and my grades failed me. It wasn't horrible, it was just not good at all. I'd like to blame it on my lecturers but... yeah... You get the idea. Medicine sounded great: good job prospects, great pay and you really help people. But after I found out that I wouldn't be doing it, disappointment only seeped in a tiny little bit. I don't know whether it's because I handle disappointments well, which most people would not agree with (but others might), or was it because I wasn't too excited about becoming a medical officer of any sorts in the first place. Even right now, it's unclear.

Psychology does sound intriguing. I frequently played with human mindsets in high school (there are a few people who can testify), trying to understand why people do the things they do. Now, this course offers me professional insight into the psych of humans and, presumably, I'll get paid to do it. This makes it sound easy but my guts, my brains, and my very soul itself is screaming at me "DON'T YOU DARE UNDERESTIMATE IT!" I only wonder whether or not I'll listen. Who knows.. maybe by the end of course, I'll finally understand why I won't eat vegetables.

Assalamualaikum and Ramadhan Kareem.


hanpwh said...

In several years time, I'll probably drop by a hospital or two. I'll look out for your name as the resident Psych. Whether I drop by or run screaming in terror away from the hospital depends on how many patients I see walkning out of your door with the right frame of mind :P

Btw, you already know who this is. Cheers mate

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