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Thursday, 1 October 2009

A Review.

Basically, this post is about what I've been doing while putting blogging off.

1. Learned how to do Dikir Barat.
This. Is. Fun.
Those 3 words can sum up everything about Dikir Barat! For those who don't know what it is; Dikir Barat is a form of singing sang with the Kelantanese Dialect and Local Drums. It is usually sang in groups. Trust me: its not as easy as it sounds. Learning how to speak in that dialect was like trying to learn a different language all together! And then understanding it was a whole other topic. But as soon as you get the hang of it, everything just... flows. A simple demonstration of Dikir Barat can be heard from here.

2. Rode the Metro.
Okay, in Malaysia, we have the LRT, which anyone can ride in. In Dubai, we now have the Metro; a more complex version of the LRT. The setting is a lot more colorful, is a good, simple way to describe it.
Ala, Nasa, Muaz, Muhaimin and I had a trip on it to go to MOE which was one of the last stops for the train. Anum cancelled -.-'.
The first thing I noticed was that they had a song that was supposedly played to not keep the passengers bored. Well... It wasn't that great a song-classic orchestra type thingy- nor did it do anything to heighten excitement level..
For some absurd reason, the train didn't move for about 5-8 minutes at one stop, and we saw the people who worked there come in and checked the engine or something. I guess it was just our luck to witness the breaking down of a train. Fortunately, the train was fixed, and we zoomed on. Slowly. Wild guess: since the Metro is still young, the RTA is being really careful with it.
Coming back to the Rashidiah Station was a bit more eventful. We decided to take a video of the trip... minutes later, we noticed other people doing the same thing. Like they say: it takes only one person to start a trend -.-'.

3. Played around with a Mercedes Benz.
An uncle left this Mercedes Benz with us for a while and we needed to heat up the engine for a while. However, with just one look at the key, my mom was confused at how exactly is she going to start the car?! You know how keys have the teeth and the body right? The body being the usually black part at the back. Well, this ''key'' only had a back part.
I think my mom asked another uncle to come and help out because there was another uncle that came along and started the engine for us. Apparently, we start it like any other car: just stick the ''key'' in the ignition and twist. So why did they have to take out the teeth part for?
The fun starts now: since we're so used to other cars that weren't so... technical with all the buttons, I wanted to, no wait... I HAD to try all of them. They had a wiper for the head lights! I don't know if that's normal or not but I just find that really weird! I got squirted by it -.-'. Then the real wipers for the windows were on the same side as the signal lights but instead of twisting the handle, you press on it. Umi tried grabbing the right-side handle but since there was no handle... Owh and before we even drove the car around, my mom couldn't reach the pedals so we searched for the lever that is usually found in other cars to pull the seat forward... Turns out... it's also a button! Man, those people at Mercedes Benz really wanted to make life easy, didn't they?

4. School as normal.
Even though I say it's normal, can you name me one school that's normal? There's just no such thing! So I guess all schools are normally abnormal.
I am going to be helping around with the badminton club though, so that's kinda cool.
Homework is piling up. I guess being in the 11th grade has it's downsides too huh?
Muhaimin and I also got really lucky: We got on this taxi one day, and after a trip of chatting with the driver and joking around with him, he gave me his work number and told me to call him anytime I need a taxi! How cool is that?
What else about school.. Hmm...
Aside from the fact that a certain someone was supposed to come but didn't come, nothing much really.
Oh. I got nominated and am currently running for the position of Head Boy. I didn't want to do it at first because I thought of it as a popularity contest rather than a real election but since they changed the rules around so that the school's Senior Teachers are going to be choosing the Head Boy/Girl for their abilities instead of how many people know us, I agreed to the nominations.

Fa4idhi Out! - The 4 is silent.


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