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Monday, 31 August 2009

Here It Comes!

Yep, school's about to begin! Heaps of changes this year starting with: My older brother, Saif, is now no longer living with us in Dubai, which would lead to the next major change: me being the eldest child in the house(more responsibilities).
Actually, I don't think Saif and I have ever lived separately for more than a couple of weeks, tops. And you know, the stuff that makes it all more... noticeable, are the smallest of things. For example: the Internets faster, I get to sit at the front seat without someone fuming at the back, and there's more food than usual. Of course, this is me speculating, not yet living far away from Saif for more than a few hours. But I know for a definite fact that I am going to miss him. Maybe more than I expect to.
Another twist this year: I'm going to be a senior in my school! FINALLY is the word here. Honestly though, I can't imagine myself being a senior. Our predecessors at least LOOKED the part of seniorhood. With the beards, mustaches, super heights... I mean, they appeared as adults.
I don't know why, but none of my classmates seems to have that quality, maybe because I grew up with them for the last few years, I don't know. But it's just weird thinking we're going to be the oldest students in the school! And yeah, Kinza, if you're reading this, can you please comment on whether this is true for you as well?
This also brings up the question of life after high school... Which I don't want to think about yet. So I bid you adieu.


Muaz said...

haha mmg ko jealous dgn saif...hahahah

Anonymous said...

LOL i read it =P

it sure is gonna feel real weird, with all those really short year 8s and 9s looking up (literally) to us... omg imagine them being at our level next next year :S theyre even LATER (woman curveingly and facial hairingly) than we are!! :P

but oooooooh.

we are gonna have the year 12s too.


so much for seniors.

wait another year.

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