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Monday, 20 July 2009

Do the Dino Dance

The makers of Ice Age really did outdo themselves with the last of the trilogy: Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.
The plot of the movie is simple: Save Sid, who stole 3 dino-eggs and hatched them, thinking that he is now the 3 dino-babies mommy. Of course, the real dino-mom doesn't like that.
The story has a new character who's whackiness is unparalleled: Buck, short for Buckminster and long for Ba. Just with this one new addition to the cast, the story becomes unimaginably hilarious. He leads the team through the underground world of the dinosaurs and has tons of adventure which ranges from almost being eaten by a dinosaur to inhaling laughing gas.
But of course, the greatest applauses go to the acorn-loving squirrel, who has his own adventure throughout the trilogy, all to do with his beloved acorn. In the last movie he has a nemesis: another squirrel. A she-squirrel. This new nemesis tries to steal his acorn from him and together, they have unbelievable fights which did make me choke on my popcorn.
To top it all off, the movie was in 3D, making the whole experience just that much more enjoyable.
Seriously, watch it.


Kinza *ยบ• said...

you just told the whole story lol. ruiner.

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