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Saturday, 19 June 2010


I didn't actually WANT to go. Honest! But I went anyways.
And it was worth it.

Let's start with the graduation ceremony first, though. Since that's incomparably more important.
My parents dropped me off at school by 8 with Muhaimin. That... was the start of my final day... in The Sheffield Private School. It's impossibly difficult to imagine that we've been here for FOUR years and met outstanding people along the way to this point. Not only my friends (even though they are the main) but teachers as well.
There were people who had left the previous years so I couldn't thank them for their help and their friendship. Some of them are: Mahad Farooqi, Jad, Rashid, Luke Patton, Rani Salam, Umer Rehman, Saskia, Zainab Tawawala, Yash Joshi, Rachel Labis, Deah Tuazon... then the teachers who actually shaped me to be who I am: Miss Karen Thompson, Miss Rachel Fulcher, Mr Justin Verco, Miss Mara (sorry, STILL can't spell your name) and even Nurse... Thank you so, so much. Miss Thompson, I really want to give a special shout-out for you. You're the one that PUSHED me to be a lot better than what I was. Even when I reaallllyyy didn't want to. Thanks. I mean it.

The Class of 2009/2010 was a class filled with friends, drama, laughter and learning. It was a class where people changed and grew, where new bonds were made and old bonds made stronger. These are the friends who have shared fond memories while we were together in Sheffield who I want to thank personally.

Amir, thanks for being my best friend and sticking by me after ALL these years. You were the man I leaned on the most and I am so, so grateful to have you call me your best friend.You haven't seen the last of me yet, man. =p I might ask you to be my best man eh? Drive me to the wedding in your future car! xp 'Bullet'.
Agnelo, AG, I am proud to be able to call you a friend and I am equally proud to be one of the first people to give you your nickname. Remember how you got it? =p Jumeir Angelo. hahaha You were the BEST competition I've ever had. You had your blonde moments, but you made up for it by the best you could be. Congratulations ahead of time for your future achievements, man xp. Soon enough, I'll be expecting to see you on TV. I really can't wait to see what the future has in store for you.
Kinza... Where the hell can I begin? hahahahaha You were the girl that made me change the most. You were the one person that was able to relate to me and I'm elated for you and Ham and I'm SURE that you have an amazingly awesome future infront of you. Just don't make me wear heels ever again. Or drag me by my tie everywhere. Or get me in trouble. C=
Michael, dude, you were the MAN to go to in times needing of laughter! We've had so many sick moments together that it'd just be weird to stop so suddenly. I'm looking forward to the next time we meet. Hey, if we do, can we do the scene in Scrubs where Turk and JD ran to each other? =D By the way... never sneeze with French Fries in your mouth ever again.
Neel. Indraneeeeel! hahahahaha You used to compete with me in sports as much as Luke did. Badminton, Running, High Jump.. hahahahaha Dude, if we meet again, I'm so going to kick your butt in badminton.
Elena. Hao! *Hand to face*. Being the first person I met in the school, during the entry exams, with the guy with the giant growth on his neck, you were the sister I never wanted. =p You are an incredibly understanding person, can handle any amount of pressure, and can organize spectacular outings. And your taste in music... *Thumbs up* One of the few people I don't have to worry about, you are going to wow everyone you meet.
Adam Can we start a business together? Cuz I've got a gut feeling you're going to get rich someday. hahahahaha. You still owe me, man! XP I want to thank you for being the obstacle in sporting events I had to overcome. You were strong, fast, and skilled. I won't lose to you.
Anvesha. I know we've only been friends for a shorter amount of time than any of the others but I really think you're one of the most amazing girls I know. Not really, I was just being 'nice' there. =p But you know what I mean right? I loved torturing you. It was incredibly fun. Sorry for making you cry in Graduation and Prom. I know that we're still gonna have those... interesting? conversations online... even if I don't want to. xp
Mummin! And yes, I had to put an exclamation mark next to your name. You were by FAR the most interesting person I've EVEEEEEEEER met. You were the Ali G of our school, the Top Dog. I know we've had loads of disagreements, but I'll miss you, man. You're a great guy, can you just turn down the 'bad boy' attitude a couple of notches?
Andreas Owh god.. Do I NEED to thank you?! hahahahaha kidding man. You changed the most out of us. You never used to care about lessons and everything, but you changed... now you're top 3 in Maths! Just keep being interested in your lessons and you'll go places.
Munia I think, and I'm pretty sure this is accurate, that you are the person I've annoyed the MOST in the school. Our entire friendship was based on us trying to annoy each other as much as possible. It was so much fun. Heck, our friendship started because Mr. Farquharson made me your guide... I should thank him. Remember the fight you had with Gutteridge? About the metro and the Ferrari. hahahahahahaha! Epic... It was entertaining tutoring you in school. Thanks for being a good student =p
Rana we're always going to have the little bird. hahaha you were one of the best people I had to talk to. Nice, Hard-headed, incredibly passionate about whatever it is you're fighting for and I'll miss trying to make you change your mind about things. Even though I failed like.. 95% of the time.
Reem  Probably the most chilled out person I know. HAHAHA xp you were always brooding about SOMETHING in that head of yours. I know that you're going to keep trying your hardest about everything you do and someday, you're going to get everything you ever wanted. 
Ariaan! You were the friend who was able to keep up with me when I went into philosophical, hyper-drive mode and kept me grounded with theories, speculations and proof of the weirdest things. The 'end of space'... You are by FAR the most intelligent peer I've had. Thanks for always helping me out man. I really hope the university you get into is worth your while.

It's nice if I could give a shout out to everyone, but please note that these are the friends I've had for a long time. Amir is my best friend for over 6 years! We should get an award or something. But to those who weren't thanked: 

I thank you here. All of you. Renda, Hamim, Jessie, Leban, Yousif, Rida, Sarah, Liaan, Katrina, Sahil, Seher, Shabreesh, Yihan, Dan, Uzair, Ammar, Lauren, Ana, Ghazal, Ronaz...  
We did IT! We've GRADUATED!!!!

I was also awarded the Certificate of Achievement in both Physics and Islamic Studies, but I've never been much of a certificate collector or any form of prizes for that matter. They're mundane to me. But not to say that they're useless.. Anyone who was awarded a certificate should be grateful and I congratulate each and every one of you. Plus, we got the Certificate of Graduation! How cool is that?!

AG, Elena and Anvy had a performance during the graduation ceremony and they were fantastic. Not to mention AG's and Liaan's speeches. It was a wonderful graduation. Even the part where we looked sort of like clowns. I loved that part actually. Made us more unique! 
Now, in all honesty, I'm not sad that I'm leaving. But I'm going to explain why after I describe the awesomeness that is our PROM.

The prom wasn't that much of a hassle to prepare for. *At least for the guys, I'm sure the girls attacked every store they found looking for a dress*.

For me, it was sort of a hassle. Had to find a tuxedo, failed, so bought a dinner suit and dinner vest instead. It was all good. Me and Amir headed over to his house after the graduation, where we prepared for prom *consisting of ps3, laptop and a shower*.
Then, when the time to go was upon us *scary music here*, we headed out in Amir's dad's car with three teachers: his mum and her friends, all of us looking quite posh and fancy. Amir was a crossover between a Mafia boss and James Bond. He looked awesome. Until he started playing with his phone, pretending to be Bond. -.-' 
Some people wanted to arrive in a limo, but the limo company was booked for the whole month... ahh well.. what can we do right?
When we got to Raffles, the uniformed man standing outside the door *poor him.. it's super hot and he's wearing 2 tops.. lucky he gets paid loads* opened our door for us *Sooooo cool* and said "Welcome, SIR" HAHAHAHAHA.
The inside of Raffles was very interesting. There, we saw around 4 businessmen gathered near the stairs talking to each other. When we got closer, they spotted us and waved. They were AG, Mike, Lotfi, Yousif and Andrew -.-' HOLLYYY CRAP. They were all dressed up! It's prom for sure. 
The actual place for the prom was upstairs on the second floor, a place called "Fire and Ice Lobby" or something... It was outstanding. Owh wait.. We didn't actually get to see the outstanding part yet. 
We actually went to a sort of Bar, first. Like a mix between a bar and a dinner room. It was good, but not outstanding. All of us met there first. The girls were wow. Like... WOOW! They went ALL out! I feel sorry for their dads. =p Mr. Campbell brought a Tuxedo imported from England. So unfair. -.-'
Then after a couple of pictures and some juice and cola, we headed out to the proper prom hall... THIS is the OUTSTANDING part. It was MAGNIFICENT! The first thing I noticed was the desert table... Hey, I didn't get to eat much that day. But even just that was breath-taking. The hall had beautiful decorations all over it and it smelled delicious*probably the dinner being cooked*.
The prom started off with Dinner. There was chicken cooked in two different sauces, rice, meat, and loads, LOADS more. I started with dessert, worked my way up to the appetizers, and then had more desserts.
Kinza and Elena were giving out gifts and titles to people... There was Daddy of the Year, Workaholic of the year, Teddy Bear of the Year, Mommy of the Year, Nose of the year, Cutest Couple of the Year, Twins of the Year and LOTS more. I'm not even bothered to say all of them. My job then was to give chocolate to each winner. It was fun. hahahahaha. Owh! there were longest Legs of the Year too!
Then they voted for the Best Dressed Male/Female Teacher/Students. Short Process. Congratulations to the winners. xp
Then. THE DANCING STARTED! Owh god... There were some seriously funny moments there. The DJ rocked! We even got the teachers to bust out some moves too! We were, however, cautious so that they didn't bust a hip either. 
The whole night went amazing. Dancing, singing, eating, and then there were special moments like when Hamim entered the building and gave Kinza a beautiful red Rose. She won't admit it, but she was screaming inside. Well done, Hamim! =p And again, they won't admit it, but the other girls were pretty jealous. Specially since ONE of my friends was DUMB enough not to have prepared a flower! haiya...
Anyways, by the time the night ended, there were tears, laughter, hugs and high 5s... I even broke my rule about not hugging girls, twice -.-' 
I wasn't sad that I was leaving. I was excited about moving forward too much that I wasn't able to see how much I would miss them. But now that the adrenaline is gone... Nothing's changed. I'm still looking forward to moving on. I'm sure they'll not miss me as much as they think they will. I'm not being mean, or saying that they are. I'm saying that their lives are going to be too hectic to miss a single person. It's going to be like a bald man wearing a wig riding a roller coaster.. He'd be too busy holding on to the railings that he wouldn't notice the wig fly out. I'm the wig.

But I will miss being young with them. Going nuts trying to be the first in line in front of the cafeteria, Paint fights, water fights, dog piling, sliding down the stair's railings, shouting in the hall, lying in the middle of nowhere just for fun, and many, many more. 
Sheffield Private School is where I grew up and where I witnessed the growth of incredible people. It's where lives changed. It's a meeting place for different people with different backgrounds and different ideals to share their knowledge and help their friends grow from it.
Sheffield Private School... Is my school. And I'm proud to be a part of it. 
Good Luck, Class of 2009/2010 and keep smiling.
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